Ezekiel Elliott Claims Las Vegas Security Guard Tried To Extort Him For $500K

As we reported, Dallas Cowboys holdout Ezekiel Elliott will not face charges for an altercation that occurred in Las Vegas back in May. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has ruled against punitive action. Now that the dust has settled, Elliott is

Jamie Foxx Reveals Inside Scoop On Ezekiel Elliott’s Cowboys Holdout

Dallas Cowboys fans have been sweating recently thanks to the contract situations going down with players like Dak Prescott and more importantly, Ezekiel Elliott. As of right now, Elliott is holding out from training camp and is refusing

OJ Simpson Offers Hot Takes On Antonio Brown & Ezekiel Elliott: Watch

OJ Simpson’s highly publicized Twitter account has been the source of a ton of ridicule over the past few months, although people can’t seem to get enough of him and what he has to say. The former Buffalo

Michael Irvin Warns Jerry Jones He Won’t Win Without Ezekiel Elliott

Ezekiel Elliott has been one of the best running backs in the NFL over the past couple of seasons and now, he’s looking to get his money. Zeke still has two years left on his rookie contract

Michael Irvin Rushes To The Defense Of Dak Prescott, Calls Criticism "Insane"

Over the last few years, the Dallas Cowboys have been one of the biggest teams to watch in the NFL but at this point, that should be expected. Everybody knows about just how important that franchise is

Ezekiel Elliott Holdout Isn’t A Concern For Jerry Jones: Report

Ezekiel Elliott wants to get paid and he won’t report to the Dallas Cowboys until it happens. Holdouts are nothing new in football but with Elliott, it’s a case of a player who is directly tied to

Cowboys & Ezekiel Elliott Sued For Allegedly Conspiring With Police Over Crash

Ezekiel Elliott failed to report to Dallas Cowboys training camp last week as he decided to holdout from team activities due to a contract dispute. The Cowboys don’t seem too concerned about giving them a contract although

OJ Simpson Weighs In On Ezekiel Elliott’s Cowboys Holdout: Watch

With the NFL season about a month and some change away, players have started reporting to training camp so that they can get in some reps with their teams and also learn the playbook. This is a

Ezekiel Elliott Reportedly Traveling To Cabo Amidst Cowboys Holdout

Ezekiel Elliott is one of the best running backs in the league and he is a huge reason for the Dallas Cowboys success on offense. If Elliott isn’t playing well, the Cowboys typically don’t have a very

Michael Irvin Rants At Stephen A. Smith About Ezekiel Elliott Holdout: Watch

Ezekiel Elliott is one of the best running backs in the NFL and he wants to be paid like it. Just last week, it was revealed that Elliott wasn’t at training camp and that he has been