Cardi B Drags Azealia Banks For Her Comments On The Breakfast Club

Azealia Banks is one the most outspoken artists in the music industry which ten times comes at a cost. While it’s commendable that she’s fearless in the way she speaks, it serves as both a gift and

Stevie Wonder Dismisses Kanye West's Slavery Views As "Foolishness"

“Honestly if you know your history, you know that’s not true,” Stevie Wonder confronted with the issue Kanye West’s controversial slavery views. “If you know the truth, stop listening to foolishness” is his advice. He’s hardly wrong,

Kanye West's Music Banned by Detroit Radio Station: 'We Are Over It'

A Detroit radio station has made the decision to #MuteKanye. In a Facebook post on Thursday (May 3), 105.1 The Bounce’s deejays BiGG and Shay Shay elaborated on their decision, saying Kanye West’s recent comments about slavery

Dee Wallz takes it to a higher plateau on "So MLK"

Dee Wallz is not slowing up as he comes back with a new hard-hitting record he calls “So MLK”. Over a somber soulful backdrop, he kicks bars to shed the weight f his shoulders. Mixing bravado, thought-provoking