Kenny Beats Crafts A "Post-911" Type Beat For Zack Fox In "The Cave" Ep. 5

Simply put, Zack Fox wanted a “special type beat” as he entered Kenny Beats’ studio for webisode 5 of The Cave. If you haven’t noticed, Kenny and Zack Fox have undeniable chemistry whether its on camera, on joint

Tiffany Haddish Reflects On Life Before Fame: "She Was Homeless, Hungry, Scared, & Hurt"

The rise to stardom isn’t always an easy road. Some celebrities come from families whose legacies impart them with automatic lives in the limelight while others scrimp, scrape, and climb their way to the top. Comedian Tiffany

Ewing Athletics Announces "Ace Ventura" Collection Release Date

Ewing Athletics had today announced that their special edition “Ace Ventura” collection, in celebration of the film’s 25th anniversary, will be available exclusively through, starting May 1. The collection, created in partnership with well known sneaker

Machine Gun Kelly Debuts Stand-Up Comedy Chops During Pete Davidson’s Show

Machine Gun Kelly is man who wears many hats. With an expansive musical portfolio under his belt and an expanding cinematic repertoire, MGK continues to forge new creative ground. Most recently, he found himself engaging in an

Snoop Dogg Roasts Tupac Looking Fast Food Employee: "Big MACavelli"

Earlier this month, Snoop Dogg was amongst the few to speak at the live-streamed Nipsey Hussle’s memorial. The rapper’s eulogy encompassed a series of humorous chronicles about the late rapper as well as an honorary mention in which he referred

Roseanne Barr Back At It Again With Weird Homophobic Rant

Former television star Roseanne Barr ruffled feathers on social media again after nearly a year of having her show canceled by ABC. The comedy-series Roseanne was revived with a spin-off The Connor’s last year and quickly canceled following a racist tweet shared by Barr.

The Best "Stoner Movies" To Watch During 420

4/20: the annual day of rest and doobies. It’s the one day you should be doing absolutely nothing if you can help it. Yet even as weed has become more culturally accepted, the stoner movie is still

“The Roast Of Ric Flair” Set For Starrcast II Event In May

WWE legend “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair is getting roasted.  As first reported by CBS Sports’ Brian Campbell, “The Roast of Ric Flair” is officially set to headline the upcoming Starrcast II event on Friday, May 24.

Regina Hall Talks Her Role in the New Film ‘Little”, Marsai Martin & More

On Thursday April 4th, Regina Hall hit the blue carpet in Atlanta for the advanced screening of the new film film ‘Little’.   Stars Regina Hall, Issa Rae, Marsai Martin bring their ‘Black Girl Magic’ to LITTLE

Chris Hemsworth Shares Frustrations With Thor Before "Ragnarok"

Though Chris Hemsworth has long been respected for his portrayal of the God Of Thunder in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, it would appear that playing Thor was not always a creatively fulfilling prospect. Speaking with Yahoo Movies UK, Hemsworth