John Krasinski Details His Idea For Potential "The Office" Reboot

The Office has become one the most beloved sitcoms in recent memory, having amassed a wide viewership and inspiring many rampant Internet memes in the process. Its untimely demise has left many hoping that the NBC will revive

Apple Orders "Central Park" Series By "Bob's Burgers" Creators

Apple has been making major moves as late. The company announced that iTunes is no longer accepting LP submissions, they’re readying a pair high end over the ear headphones, Apple Music is now worth $10 billion and

Iggy Azalea Claims To Be The "Best Crazy Bitch Advice Giver," Watch & Judge

Iggy Azalea has dubbed herself “the best crazy bitch advice giver.” In a comedy bit shared on her Instagram, Iggy positions herself as an advice columnist. A mystery caller writes in about her experience, as she has

Tiffany Haddish Doubles Up On Drake Selfies

Usually, it sucks when people photo-bomb your attempts at taking a nice picture with friends. Sometimes it can make the photo even more legendary than it was originally intended to be. The latter is true in Tiffany

John Cena Channels His Inner Teenage Girl On Tonight Show

WWE superstar John Cena made an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night which included some talk about Wrestlemania, his upcoming film “Blockers,” dance moves he learned from Madonna, and why he skipped his

Tiffany Haddish Named New Queen Of Comedy By Jamie Foxx

This past weekend, Hollywood’s A-listers congregated at the Dolby Theatre to celebrate filmmaking excellence at the 90th Academy Awards. The star-studded affair was a melting pot for the established celebs as well as those on the rise.

Richard Pyror's Son, Mason Tanks On "Showtime at the Apollo"

The legacy comedian Richard Pryor is one triumphs and one loss. He was known for his acute sense topical humor, resulting in dedicated fans who resonated with his work. Unfortunately, comedy doesn’t necessarily run in the family.

Jimmy Kimmel's Oscars Monologue Addresses Donald Trump, #MeToo, & More

Jimmy Kimmel reprised his role as host the Academy Awards Sunday evening as he stepped on stage to head up the 90th iteration the awards show. Naturally, the comedian, actor and late-night talk show host had plenty

Migos Perform "Stir Fry" and "Narcos" On "Saturday Night Live"

This weekend, Migos made their “Saturday Night Live” debut as musical guests on the latest iteration the sketch comedy show. The episode, hosted by NBA retiree Charles Barkley, was topped f with performances the crew’s “Stir Fry”

Hannibal Buress Announces Tour Dates

In recent years, Hannibal Buress has carved out a special place for himself in the comedy circuit. Through his appearances on Comedy Central and Adult Swim’s The Eric Andre Show, fans have come to love this personable comedian.