Woman Who Threw Puppies In Garbage During Coachella Has Been Arrested

While Coachella’s annual music festival was taking place earlier this year, bringing in thousands upon thousands of people to the Coachella Valley to party for days there were also some questionable acts taking place outside the festival

Belly Sues Coachella For Big Money After Being Attacked By Security: Report

Festival security guards have a vital role in keeping the grounds safe for concertgoers. However, sometimes they seem to think that they have more power than they actually do. During The Weeknd‘s Coachella set in 2018, footage

Kid Cudi Reminds Us Of The Time He Was Tripping On Acid At Coachella

Way back in 2014, MGMT played a wonderful set at Coachella and the crowd went wild when their song “Electric Feel” cued up and they began to sing it live. The thousands of people in the audience weren’t

"Guava Island" Behind-The-Scenes Footage Features Local Artists Featured In The Film

Filmed in Cuba, Donald Glover and Rihanna star in Guava Island, a film that debuted during Coachella on the festival’s YouTube stream. Described as a “tropical thriller” by Amazon, the Hiro Murai-directed film was a favorite among fans

Kevin Hart Won’t Be Attending Kanye West’s Sunday Services Anytime Soon

He may have voiced Kanye West‘s character in Lil Dicky‘s star-studded animated visual for the single “Earth,” but Kevin Hart won’t be attending the Yeezy icon’s Sunday Services. Mr. West’s weekly church-like gatherings in the mountains of Calabasas are

Kanye West’s Coachella Sunday Service Recording Has Reportedly Surfaced

Much was made about Kanye West and The Sample’s early morning Coachella performance of Sunday Service, as it ultimately made for one of the festival’s biggest highlights. In fact, the musical “sermon” went on to draw upwards of

Usher Relieved Of Herpes Lawsuit, Will Settle With Alleged "Victim Of Contagion"

Usher and his stable of attorneys have seemingly reached an accord with herpes victim Laura Helm over their longstanding class action suit. According to documents obtained by TMZ, Helm filed a motion to close up shop on the

YG Announces New Single "Go Loko" With Tyga & Jonzmen

YG‘s getting ready for a new album which was set to drop last month. The rapper’s “surprise album” was slated to drop on April 12th but the death of Nipsey Hussle made him push it back until this

Beyoncé & Taylor Swift’s Fans Clash After "Copycat" BBMA Performance

Last night was probably not the best time to come out on stage with a full marching band, Taylor. After her opening performance at the Billboard Music Awards, Taylor Swift is being accused of stealing Beyoncé’s creative ideas

Listen To Kanye West & Ty Dolla $ign’s "Ego Death" Demo Live At Coachella Party

In the following 4/20 vlog centered around a certain Coachella after-party, Ty Dolla $ign makes an appearance worth reporting. Not only is a recently-single Ty Dolla enjoying every minute of his newfound singledom, but he’s come to