Chris Brown

Chris Brown Is Selling Lamps With His Face After Thirsting Over Rihanna’s IG Pic

Chris Brown‘s relationship ended with Rihanna years ago but even with an alleged child on the way, Breezy still isn’t giving up on it. Whether joking or not, Chris Brown’s constantly finding some sort of way to

Chris Brown’s Daughter Royalty Continues The Legacy With Energetic Dance Moves

In a few years time, do you think we’ll be comparing Royalty Brown to her father on the dance floor? Previous months have shown us that Chris Brown still has some insane moves on stage. The man has

Chris Brown Paints Alleged Baby Mama’s Face On His Tour Bus

Chris Brown‘s relationship status over the last few years has been… complicated. The superstar singer is one of the most eligible bachelors on the planet and, despite all the controversy that follows him, women still throw themselves

Chris Brown Brings Daughter, Royalty, On Stage To Close Out Concert

Chris Brown is currently on his “inidiGOAT tour”, touring his Indigo album that got an extended re-release this past Friday. He has repeatedly shown on Instagram that he is devoted and loving father to his five-year-old daughter, Royalty. Followers

Dave East Announces Debut Album ‘Survival’

Dave East is ready for his debut. After conquering the mixtape circuit, the Harlem rapper has announced that his highly-anticipated debut album Survival will arrive on Nov. 8. He shared a trailer and also dropped a video

Chris Brown – Indigo (Extended Edition)

Indigo season has arrived – again. It’s only been three months since Chris Brown released his new album, “Indigo,” but he quickly follows it up in Q4 with an official “Extended” edition. As if 32 original tracks

50 Cent Photoshops Face On Michael Jackson’s Body To Troll Chris Brown

50 Cent has been adamantly trying to convince everyone that Chris Brown is better than Michael Jackson. He probably means it but at this point, he’s doing it to troll everyone including Jackson’s kids. He’s brought up stats, footage of

Chris Brown’s A Proud Dad As His Daughter Royalty Walks The Red Carpet

Chris Brown is a talented singer, dancer, painter, and a great dad to his five-year-old daughter, Royalty. There’s a lot of artists that keep their professional and personal life separate but not Breezy. He’s constantly praising his

50 Cent: "Michael Jackson Was Great But It’s Chris Brown’s Turn"

This type of behaviour has gotten 50 Cent in trouble in the past but he’s not finished showing love to his homie Chris Brown. Fif got on the Jackson family’s bad side because of his constant MJ-CB

Chris Brown’s "Indigo" Deluxe Version Tracklist Features Tory Lanez & Davido

Chris Brownhas a particular habit for grande largesse. The man has never met a song worthy of the cutting room floor, and as a result, his albums tend to be gargantuan affairs. His 2017 effort Heartbreak On A