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Cardi B & Chance The Rapper Have Opposite Reactions To Their "Mean Tweets"

Twitter never fails to shock anyone when it comes to the number of wild tweets that hit the platform nearly every second. The reaction round-ups we do for any given controversy amount in tons of wild responses and it’s clearly

Chance The Rapper, Cardi B, Lizzo, Billie Eilish & More Read Funny "Mean Tweets"

It’s about that time for another installment of Mean Tweets, courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel Live! On Wednesday, the late-night talk show gathered a handful of musicians to read off some often-scathing tweeted criticisms from the public. In this edition

Chance The Rapper Is A Hilariously Bad Ball Player On Clippers Court: Watch

From the looks of things, Chance The Rapper never had a real shot of making the league so he needed to truly perfect his skills on the microphone to succeed. The Chicago star is one of the

Chance The Rapper Shines As Host On SNL: Recap

Chance the Rapper made his return to Saturday Night Live last night, but he did more than just perform. Chance also headlined the event as the host for the second time. Along with MC Hammer, Snoop Dogg, Ludacris,

Chance The Rapper Explains How Kanye West Almost Took Over His Wedding

Chance the Rapper and Kanye West have always had a solid relationship with one another. The two have collaborated with one another and are both from Chicago so they certainly have a lot in common. Having said that,

”Rhythm + Flow” Wowed Us With Talented Rappers: Winner Revealed

SPOILER AHEAD Rhythm + Flow had a great run, although it felt shortlived. As the contestants went back home to their families with their heads held high, only one returned $250,000 richer. The winner, chosen by T.I., Cardi

Chance The Rapper Carves Jennifer Aniston Into A Pumpkin In SNL Promo

Chance the Rapper will be making his return to Saturday Night Live this weekend as both the host and the musical guest – a feat reserved for only the most talented of artists. Over the show’s 45-season history,

”Rhythm + Flow:” Who’s The Hottest Contestant Right Now?

Cardi B, Chance the Rapper and T.I. chose 30 contestants to battle it out for $250,000 in Netflix’s show Rhythm + Flow. The winner gets the chance to play a set on Spotify’s Rap Caviar Live event. The 30 contestants got

Cardi B Shows Off Her Drip In Bandana Bikini Fit

If you’re following Cardi B on Instagram, you’re a lucky one. She just posted an Instagram picture, while posing in her Fashion Nova outfit. She’s been working with Fashion Nova since 2018, advertising their outfits, and even creating her own

Chance The Rapper Wants Everyone To Watch Snoop Dogg Rap In Korean

Chance The Rapper is just like you and me. In order to be a successful recording artist, especially an independent star like Chano, you need to have an extremely high work ethic. It can be very difficult