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Someone Edited Will Smith & Cardi B Together In One Hilarious Clip

The internet is always up to something and the latest move made a superfan of either Will Smith or Cardi B is a hilarious video that sees a mashup between the two acts. As seen below, someone

Cardi B Claims Ownership Over Her Lyrics: "I Write A Lot Of My Sh*t"

Not unlike an actual ghost, a reputation for using ghostwriters can haunt a rapper with a frightening degree of efficacy. We’ve long seen Champagne Papi plagued by his own set of demons, and Cardi B has also been accused of taking

Halsey Impersonates Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus & More While Singing ‘Without Me’: Watch

Throughout her career, Halsey has covered songs from some of her favorite artists like the Jonas Brothers, Johnny Cash, the Spice Girls and more. But in a new video, the singer takes it a step further by

Cardi B Shares Behind The Scenes Look At Her "Hustlers" Stripper Get-Up

We’ve known for some time now that Cardi B will debut her acting skills in Jennifer Lopez‘s Hustlers film that follows a group of strippers who plan to get back at their Wall Street clients.  “I called her and

Cardi B Defends Her Songwriting

Cardi B is clapping back at her pressed critics over songwriting claims. On Thursday (June 6), the Grammy-winning rapper took to Twitter to address reports that she doesn’t write her own lyrics. In response to one commenter

Cardi B Shows Off One Of The Shocking Side Effects To Cosmetic Surgery

Cardi B has been very open about her moves to get cosmetic surgery when she recently opened up to her fans during a festival performance, admitting that she got liposuction. “I should have canceled today,” Cardi told

Cardi B Introduces Her ‘Hustlers’ Look With New Photo

Cardi B shared a behind-the-scenes pic of her Hustlers costume — including her sky-high heels — with her followers on Saturday (June 8). The rapper is shooting the crime caper about strippers stealing from their stuffy Wall Street

Offset Trashes "Fortnite" To Cardi B: "That Sh*t For Kids, That Sh*t Wack"

Fortnite has been the biggest game in the world for over a year. If you don’t play it yourself, there’s a high chance that one of your friends is obsessed with it. The Battle Royale game is

Cardi B Responds to Claim That She Doesn’t Write Her Own Music: ‘I Do Write a Lot Of My S–t’

Cardi B clocked in at No. 7 on Billboard's top Hot 100 songwriters of 2018 list after a banner year of hits on the Hot 100. Upon seeing a June 6 tweet about the list, One Twitter user questioned if the Bronx

XXXTentacion, 6ix9ine, Drake & More Lead Billboard’s 2018 Top Songwriters List

If you take a look at the most popular artists from last year and compare them to this year’s list so far, you’ll notice a lot of differences. Last year at this time, people like XXXTentacion and