Cam'ron Says He's Proud Of Ma$e For Showing Some Guts

This weekend was pretty much dominated by the whole Ma$e and Cam’ron beef. In the wee hours Friday morning, Ma$e unleashed “The Oracle” which took aim at the Dipset leader. It didn’t take long for Cam to

Cam’ron Claps Back At Ma$e For Diss Record

Ma$e had taken some shots at Killa yesterday over a record titled "The Oracle", and with no time wasted Cam was already previewing his response just hours later. Did you really think Killa was gonna let this

Cam’ron Previews His Response to Mase’s Diss ‘The Oracle’

Mase surprised everyone yesterday when he unloaded on Cam'ron in the 20-plus years in the making diss track 'The Oracle." He opened the book on Cam: accusing him everything from snitching to incest.  Cam quickly acknowledge the

Terry Crews Speaks Out After Agent Who Assaulted Him Returns To Work

When Terry Crews first shared his story being sexually harassed at a Hollywood function he left the suspect unnamed but claimed he was a big name in the industry. In a number tweets, Terry explained how “Harvey Weinstein

Cam’ron Ready To Go To Battle After Getting Slammed By Mase

Mase emptied his Cam'ron file, which is 20 years in the making, in the diss track "The Oracle." The 42-year old claims  his fellow Children Of The Corn alum slept with his own sister and accuses Cam

Ma$e Disses Cam’ron On "The Oracle" Record

Shots fired! It's been a while since we've heard from Ma$e, and now that we are, we're given a few choice words for Killa Cam. Ma$e and Cam's relationship has been pretty rocky over the years. Over

Cam'ron Questions Mase's Motives In Becoming A Pastor

Cam’ron’s beef with Mase just got a little weirder. Cam has posted a clip from a YouTube documentary called False Teacher Mason Betha, which attempts to build an argument that Mase was a “false teacher,” becoming a pastor

Cam’ron Previews Response Diss Track To Ma$e

It looks like Cam’ron is wasting no time at going at Mase’s neck. On Friday, Mase released a diss track aimed at Cam’ron called “The Oracle,” in which Mase claims Cam’ron had sex with his own sister

Cam'ron Claps Back At Mase: "Let's Play N*gga"

Excitement has been everywhere since Cam’Ron and Dipset finally reunited for their Rap Cavier’s show in NYC. I mean, it’s the legendary Dipset and both Jim Jones and Cam put their beef aside to join forces again.

Dipset Take Money Phones to The Next Level

The Diplomats are back together. They released the new track "Once Upon A Time" last week and last night they performed with the A$AP Mob at Spotify's Rap Car concert in NYC. Dipset also did some clowning