Red Cafe Arrested For Car Theft, Released On $25,000 Bond

TMZ has learned that NY rapper Red Cafe has been arrested on theft charges stemming from an outstanding car rental. The Beverly Hills PD had the stolen 2018 Chevy Impala registered in their system after the rental outfit reported it

Police Arrest Teens For Beating Up Lesbian Couple That Wouldn’t Kiss: Report

News broke recently that a lesbian couple was attacked on a London bus. The same-sex couple experienced the scary counter after a group of teenagers boarded the bus. Melania Geymonat and her girlfriend Chris were sitting on

Lil Reese Reportedly Pleads Guilty To Drug Charge In Chicago

It looks like Lil Reese may have got off much easier than thought. According to The Chicago Tribune, the rapper pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor weed charge after the prosecutors on the case agreed to reduce his

A Catholic School Principal Gets Arrested In A Strip Club While On A Class Field Trip

A principal in Louisiana has resigned after having been arrested at a Washington, DC strip club, whilst on a class field trip. The Holy Family school principal, Michael Comeau, was chaperoning a middle school trip to the nation’s capital when he was arrested at

Cash Money’s Glokknine Arrested On Gun & Drug Charges

After conferring with the Orange County registry, XXL is reporting that Cash Money signee Glokknine was arrested and charged with several counts: possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute and illegal firearm possession, etc. According to municipal

Court Documents Surrounding Jussie Smollett’s Alleged Homophobic Attack To Be Released

Last week a judged ruled that all the documents and files that have to do with the police investigation surrounding Jussie Smollett’s alleged homophobic attack would be unsealed. The judge in the matter heard arguments from both sides, where Media

Ex-WWE Star Terri Runnels Posts Video Explaining Airport Arrest

Former WWE superstar Terri Runnels was arrested at the Tampa International Airport on Wednesday morning after officials reportedly found a loaded a Glock 9mm handgun stashed in a sock in her backpack. Runnels, 52, was ultimately charged with carrying a

Man Sets Himself On Fire, Takes Apocalyptic Stroll Past White House

According to TMZ, the White House received a lit visitor near its premises and we mean so literally. An emergency dispatch audio was obtained by the news outlet, along with the footage, which reveals that a man managed to

Katt Williams Claims That People On His Team Stole $59 Million From Him

Throughout his career, Katt Williams has gone through tough times. He’s made millions by making people laugh, and as a man who has built his career on observing the best and worst of people, it seems that

College Professor Attempts To Kidnap Three Women In One Night Driving Uber

Richard Lomotey is a part-time Penn State professor and part-time Uber driver who has been arrested for his attempts to kidnap three women in one night while working the app, ABC reports.  A victim of Richard’s attempts spoke