Little Brother reunites without 9th Wonder

Little Brother has officially united as a duo instead of a trio (sans 9th Wonder), and is currently working on new music, and scheduling a tour soon. “After conversations with 9th Wonder following our Art of Cool

Justin Bieber Announces Collaboration With Deodorant Brand

After releasing his latest track with Ed Sheeran dubbed “I Don’t Care,” Justin Bieber is now making moves into the beauty industry. The “Sorry” singer shared an image to Instagram with a caption announcing his collaboration with

Cardi B Urges Her Fans To Stop Putting Her "On F*cking Blast" In Public

We have always known Cardi B  to be transparent about her thoughts and feelings. And as such, the rap artist had a simple request for her fans with regards to seeing her in public. “When y’all see me,

Robert Pattinson To Star As Batman In Upcoming Reboot

If you’ve scrolled on Instagram today, you’ve probably come across a few posts of Robert Pattinson since the Twilight actor has been cast as Batman in the upcoming reboot by Matt Reeves and Warner Bros. Variety reports that it’s not yet

Cara Delevingne & Machine Gun Kelly Join Vince Staples In Indie Film "Punk"

Machine Gun Kelly just recently wrapped up his Netflix acting debut in The Dirt, and now he’s set to star alongside Vince Staples and the newly announced Cara Delevingne in Indie film, Punk. Vince’s involvement was shared back in October.

Cardi B Issues PSA To Fans Who Think They Can Get Between Her Family

We can’t say for sure what happened between Cardi B and a fan that included her family member but the event sparked the “Be Careful” music maker to send out a public service announcement on the matter.

Chris Rock To Reboot "Saw" Horror Movie Franchise

For some of the millennials, Saw is a horror film that may have given you nightmares after you didn’t voice your distaste for the movie at a sleepover. There are a total of eight films in the franchise,

Kany García Signs Management Deal with La Buena Fortuna: Exclusive

Puerto Rican singer/songwriter Kany García has signed an exclusive management contract with La Buena Fortuna, Billboard can exclusively announce. Throughout her career, the Latin Grammy-winning singer was managed by Sony Music Latin and under the new deal García

Hershey’s Chocolate Bar Redesign In Over 100 Years Includes Emojis

Hershey’s milk chocolate bars hasn’t changed its design in 125 years. That’s all changed now, since the sweets company has announced a switch up to its chocolate offering, clearly pertaining to the digital world we live in.

Uber Announces New "Quiet Mode" For Those Not Wanting To Talk During Ride

Everyone’s encountered a chatty Uber driver at least once in their life. Those rides where you just want peace and quiet to reflect and your driver bombards you with endless questions or even worse, they unload on