Frank Ocean's "Solo" Gets Covered By Lorde

Frank Ocean is one the most reclusive artists his generation. Preferring his privacy, the artist is ten not seen in public and rarely releases new music. When he does release a project or even a single, it’s

Big Boi Says His Role on BET's 'The Quad' Is 'Art Imitating Life'

Outside the rap game, Big Boi has been exploring his creativity with acting. The Atlanta rhymer currently guest stars on BET’s drama The Quad. On the show, Boi plays an obnoxious father a high school football player.

T-Pain's Ideal Day Features Sixteen Hours Of Video Games

T-Pain is aware of what he desires. He would not respect being chided over his need to flee into digital realms In truth, he relishes each alternative. In a brand new interview with Vice, the legendary Florida icon

Vape Pens Release Lead & Toxic Metals According To New Study

Ever since electronic cigarettes hit the market as an alternative to smoking real cigarettes, it was only a matter time before the method would also be considered bad for you. Johns Hopkins University’s Bloomberg School Public Health has released

Dragon Ball FighterZ Reveals Broly And Bardock With New Download

Video games have a way bringing people together. It was a way for friends to come together after school and hang out. Particularly, the Dragon Ball fighting games inspired hangouts where bonds were formed, and alternatively, where friendships went to die.

Zaki Ibrahim Faced Down Tragedy and Found Joy Making 'The Secret Life of Planets'

At its zenith, music is an emotional statement. For Zaki Ibrahim, the creation her new album, The Secret Life Planets, is neurochemistry in motion.   Having experienced the death her father and the birth her son within

Bahamas Says So Long Folk Fatigue, Hello Future on 'Earthtones'

When asked to name their favourite folk rocker, many Canadian music buffs would no doubt choose Bahamas. The Toronto-based singer-songwriter, born Afie Jurvanen, won a Juno Award for his gently strummed 2014 LP Bahamas Is Afie. But

"SNL" Parody of "Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air" Goes To Dark, Dark Places

What if the West Philadelphia playground fight Will Smith got into in the Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air involved more than just regular thugs? That's what Saturday Night Live explored in a sketch in which Chris Redd plays Will Smith and