Women Dominate 2019 VMA Nominations, With Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift & Billie Eilish Leading the Way

Rock was shut out of the video of the year finals for the seventh consecutive year, despite the popularity of Panic! at the Disco’s “High Hopes.” Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift are this year's top nominees for

A$AP Rocky Attacker Will Not Be Charged

While A$AP Rocky remains behind bars, his attacker will not be charged. According to TMZ, the man will not be prosecuted for any crime over his involvement in a Stockholm street brawl, despite the fact that he

Kendrick Lamar Might Just Be The Best Rapper Alive

Being multifaceted is a gift and a curse. Should a segment of one’s fanbase become enamored with a specific stylistic choice, they might prove less susceptible when faced with an alternative. A basic example applies to those

This Week in HipHopMagz Chart History: In 2002, Avril Lavigne Topped Pop Songs With ‘Complicated’

Plus, remembering feats by Alanis Morissette, Richard Marx & Air Supply. Your weekly recap celebrating significant milestones from more than seven decades of Billboard chart history. July 22, 1995Alanis Morissette scored her first Billboard No. 1, as

President Trump Offers to Vouch for A$AP Rocky’s Bail

A$AP Rocky’s arrest has become a presidential matter. On Saturday (July 20), President Trump said he spoke with Sweden’s prime minister, Stefan Löfven, about the rapper’s case and “offered to personally vouch for his bail.” Löfven assured

Donald Trump Chats With Sweden’s Prime Minister: "A$AP Rocky Will Be Treated Fairly"

It didn’t take long for Donald Trump to forge a connection with Swedish PM Stefan Löfven upon hearing the latter respond to his inquiry over A$AP Rocky’s chance at bail. Löfven was steadfast in his refusal to bend the

California City Banning All Gendered Words, So Phrases Like "Manhole" Cannot Be Used

We live in an era where many things have come to be, not just accepted, but praised as well. Where homosexuals used to be killed, and proclaiming you identified as another gender than the one you were

Macy Gray Claims She’s A Vampire In Awkward TV Interview

Macy Gray has previously been in the headlines for her struggles with alcoholism and substance abuse. She also claimed many years ago that she suffered from bipolar disorder before admitting that her mental illness was cured and

Analyzing The Jay-Z Business Model

In July 2009, Forbes published their third annual list of “Cash Kings.” After abdicating the throne to allow for Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson’s rise in 2008, Jay-Z re-emerged to take his rightful place atop hip hop’s financial

Shawn Mendes, Manager Andrew Gertler Partner With Flow Alkaline Spring Water

Flow Alkaline Spring Water announced their brand-new partnership with Shawn Mendes and manager Andrew Gertler today (July 17). The two have joined the premium, natural spring water brand as investors and advisors. “I am incredibly excited to work