Default Judgment Against No-Show R. Kelly in Civil Case

A Cook County judge has entered a default judgment for a woman who sued R. Kelly in February, accusing the singer of sexually abusing her when she was a minor 20 years ago. The Chicago Sun-Times reported

Tyreek Hill Child Abuse Prosecutors Hosting Press Conference: Livestream

Tyreek Hill was implicated in two separate child abuse cases that allegedly occurred back in March of this year. In a report, we published last month, it was revealed that Hill was allegedly a part of a child

Lakers Offered Luke Walton A Chance To Come Back As Head Coach

Luke Walton and the Los Angeles Lakers had a tumultuous relationship this year, especially with the addition of LeBron James to the roster. Walton was able to improve the Lakers record every single season he was with

Luke Walton’s Attorney Issues Statement On "Baseless" Sexual Assault Allegations

Sacramento Kings head coach Luke Walton has reportedly been accused of sexual assault by former Spectrum SportsNet LA host, Kelli Tennant. According to a civil suit filed against Walton, Tennant alleges that he “pinned her to the bed” and

Tyga Drops $10 Million Lawsuit Against Birdman

Tyga is ending his legal war with Cash Money. The rapper has dropped his $10 million lawsuit against Birdman after he accused the Cash Money founder of not paying him royalties for years. According to court documents

Blac Chyna Vows To Better Herself As A Person: "Growth Is Painful"

It’s true, Blac Chyna hasn’t had the best picture painted of herself in the media among the endless allegations involving her relationship with Rob Kardashian, the drama between his family and more recently the drama with her ex

YNW Melly’s "Murder On My Mind" Producer Says He Didn’t Kill His Two Friends

Before his arrest earlier this year, YNW Melly was one of the hottest up-and-coming artists from Florida. The young rapper has been accused of murdering his two friends YNW Juvy and YNW Sakchaser with gruesome details being released

Bill Cosby Lashes Out At Insurance Company For Settling Sexual Assault Suit

Bill Cosby’s continued to maintain his innocence after dozens of women came forward with allegations that he sexually assaulted them. His sentencing has prompted him to liken himself to Martin Luther King Jr, Mahatma Gandhi, and Nelson

Johnny Depp Calls Amber Heard’s Deposition Detailing Physical Abuse A "Hoax"

Last week Amber Heard went on the record to share her detailed account of a time Johnny Depp physically abused her with her sister there to witness it. The Aquaman actress also detailed a time Johnny came after her on

Feds Put The Pressure On R. Kelly With Intensified Look Into "Sex Trafficking"

According to sources in contact with both TMZ and the singer, the Feds have stepped up their efforts over the ongoing “sex trafficking” investigation. It seems as though new directives from high up in the chain have been put