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Lyrica Anderson Dumps A1 Bentley After He Cheats Again On "Love & Hip Hop"

Some things just aren’t meant to be. Lyrica Anderson and A1 Bentley tried to make things work. Their relationship was the topic of many headlines throughout the latest season of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. However, A1

A1 Bentley’s Displays His High Level Of Confidence In Latest Photo

He knows how to garner attention, whether it be positive or negative. On this season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, producer A1 Bentley’s marriage is a storyline that has painted him as a less than favorable character.

"L&HHH": A1 Bentley’s Mother Blames His Wife Lyrica For Her Son’s Cheating

This season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood has a few storylines that have been more of a focus than others, and producer A1 Bentley and his songstress wife Lyrica’s ailing marriage has been quite the topic of

Blac Chyna & A1 Bentley (With His Crazy Hair) Complete Viral DMX Challenge

As you know, it’s nearly impossible for us to go an entire week without hearing about some new craze that’s taken the internet by storm. Right now, everyone is debating on whether Popeye’s or Chik-fil-A has the

"Love & Hip Hop’s" A1 Bentley Admits To Cheating On Lyrica With Offset’s Alleged Mistress

When he’s not busy getting startling haircuts and sharing the results online, A1 Bentley can apparently be found sneaking around his pregnant wife. The Love & Hip-Hop couple has been in the news for reported difficulties in their

"Love & Hip Hop" Stars A1 Bentley & Tokyo Vanity Argue, He Calls Her "Fatty Labelle"

The premiere of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood‘s sixth season went down on Monday evening and already producer A1 Bentley is starting off with a bang. Prior to the episode, A1 sat down with VH1 and gave a

Lyrica Anderson Calls Husband A1 Bentley "A Target For Groupies On The Come Up"

In two days, VH1’s hit series Love & Hip Hop Hollywood returns with its sixth season that is said to be the most drama-filled of them all. The strange relationship dynamic of B2K member Omarion‘s ex-girlfriend and mother

"Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" Star A1 Bentley Gets Roasted Over Blond Bangs

Producer and songwriter A1 Bentley has often been made fun of over his style choices, but his latest look has given the public pause. Love & Hip Hop viewers have watched over the years as A1 has been

"Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" Star A1 Bentley Channels Elton John For New Look

Producer and songwriter A1 Bentley has always walked to the beat of his own drum when it comes to style, but his latest look has stopped a few fans in their tracks. The Love & Hip Hop Hollywood

"Love & Hip Hop": A1 Bentley & Lyrica Anderson Break Up Because Of Summer Bunni

Did you think you were done hearing about Summer Bunni? Let me refresh your memory if you don’t remember who she is. This winter, when Cardi B and Offset were going through their own separation, two women