50 Cent

Pop Smoke 911 Call Released

The 911 phone call from the night of Pop Smoke’s murder has been released. TMZ has obtained audio of the chaotic call made by someone from the rapper’s Hollywood Hills home, just moments after Pop Smoke was

50 Cent Explains Why His Instagram Account Is Deactivated

You have probably noticed that 50 Cent has been absent from your Instagram feeds for the past few days. It’s hard not to when the man frequently posts Power-related memes or nasty disses. The lack of 50-spawned drama

Naturi Naughton Replies To 50 Cent’s Hairline Shade: "So Much For Power"

After 50 Cent got his Instagram account taken away from him (for good this time?), he moved over to Twitter to continue his troll efforts. We all know how much the rapper-turned-entrepreneur loves disrespecting his peers and

Lil Kim "Hated Everything" About "Notorious," Especially Naturi Naughton’s Portrayal

The next time someone wants to take on the task of casting an actress to portray Lil Kim in a movie, the rapper would like a say-so in the matter. The 2009 Notorious film was a biopic about the

50 Cent Destroys "Power" Star Naturi Naughton’s Hairline With Hurtful Meme

Even if you work on-set with 50 Cent, you’re not exempt from his trollery. In fact, there’s an even higher chance that you’ll find yourself on the receiving end of some playful jabs online. After seemingly being

50 Cent Wants In On Paid Chinese Troll Group "50 Cent Army"

50 Centisn’t on Instagram anymore and we can’t help but assume that it wasn’t done by choice. There’s no doubt his page has sparked controversy that has even led him to court in the past. However, that just means

50 Cent’s Instagram Page Has Been Deactivated

There was a time when a good chunk of articles on our homepage would derive from 50 Cent‘s social media pages. You guys have proven that you want to keep up with his outrageous shenanigans, following our Targets

50 Cent Simultaneously Praises & Trolls Nelly For Dating Mayweather Jr.’s Ex

If 50 Cent ever sees an opportunity to troll his adversaries, you best believe that he will. His list of enemies is long and includes his firstborn son and Floyd Mayweather Jr. Things between Fif and Floyd have gone on

Who Shot Ghost? 50 Cent Shares "Power" Teaser That May Reveal The Answer

After watching the mid-season finale of Power last weekend, one question was hanging on everybody’s mind: Who Shot Ghost??? Played by Omari Hardwick, Ghost is one of the main characters in the highly-celebrated series and people were

Was Janet Jackson Shading 50 Cent With This IG Story?

50 Cent has been a thorn in the Jackson family’s side while they’ve been fighting to protect Michael’s legacy since Leaving Neverland aired. The damning HBO documentary exposed two accusations of child molestation against the late King of Pop. Considering