50 Cent Instagram Antics

50 Cent Still Wants To Know Where Juelz Santana’s Front Teeth Are

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got a pretty bad habit of staying up later than you should on a nightly basis. Whether you’re watching Netflix until the wee hours of the morning before waking up to

Watch: 50 Cent Trolls Floyd Mayweather About Owing Him Money With Fan-Made Video

50 cent may perhaps be the biggest internet troll out there – yes I said it. The NY rapper flooded the internet last month with all his requests (whether real or joking) for his money back from several

50 Cent Thinks Mary J Blige "Destroyed" Her BET Awards Performance

Yesterday, the 2019 BET Awards aired and R&B legend Mary J Blige was honored for musical contributions and achievements accumulated throughout her successful career. Rihanna did the honors and the famed star gifted both fans and the audience with a Medley-like performance which

50 Cent Calls For Jesus’ Return & His Owed Funds Following Teairra Mari’s Arrest

Although 50 Cent has been focused on collecting debt from other victims, the rapper has not forgotten the $30K reality star Teairra Mari still owes him. Following their lengthy and extremely petty feud which momentarily resolved with Mari finally agreeing to pay

50 Cent Look-A-Likes Considered For Teairra Mari’s "Ain’t Got It" Video

Teairra Mari is not done. She recently took jabs at 50 Cent on Mother’s day just because. And as the reality television star continues to throw shade, she recently shared a post which hinted at the possible casting choices for

G-Unit: A History Of Internal Beef

With any band of brothers, there’s always going to be a certain adversarial aspect to the dynamic. Predicated on ambition, upward mobility and pride, the high velocity world of music does little to deter the combustible nature

50 Cent To Produce ABC Show About Wrongfully Convicted Black Man

50 Cent accumulated several hats in the last decade. Precisely, he went from a successful rap artist to an executive producer and co-creator to one of our favorite television series, Power. Moreover, we have certainly noticed that the jack-of-all-trades enjoys roasting people and engaging

Rap’s Conor McGregor: Why 50 Cent & "The Notorious" Are Kindred Spirits

Enigmatic, flashy and prone to overt displays of bravado, “The Notorious” Conor McGregor is a mixed martial artist that transcended the sport’s octagonal confines to become a global sensation. Boasting pay-per-view buy rates that eclipsed Brock Lesnar,