Taeyeon Releases Captivating Music Video For First Original Japanese Single 'Stay': Watch


Popular Korean soloist and member Girls’ Generation Taeyeon released her first original Japanese single, “Stay,” on Friday (June 29).

A anthemic pop-rock track that is reminiscent Taeyeon's 2015 solo debut single “I,” “Stay” soars with the K-pop star’s warm vocals as she asks a lover to remain by her side.

The song was released through an ultra-saturated music video filmed in Morocco that features the singer exploring both urban areas and the countryside, highlighting the local sights as Taeyeon is draped in romantic, flow-y outfits.

“Stay” is the title track and one two songs released on Taeyeon’s Japanese single album. The other tune “I Am the Greatest” is an evocative pop-rock ballad.

This year is gearing up to be a major one for K-pop artists in Japan’s music industry; last week, Billboard Japan revealed through its Mid-Year rankings that two K-pop groups, TWICE, which has several Japanese members, and BTS, are second and third respectively on this year's charts so far, and beat out the top spot only by pop-rocker Kenshi Yonezu. Summer 2018 has seen an increase in releases from other popular Korean artists, including Red Velvet, Seventeen, and many others. 

“Stay” was released just a few weeks after Taeyeon releaed her Something New EP, which landed the singer at No. 4 on the World Albums chart for the week dated June 30.

Watch the new video below.