T.R.3 – All Of Me


Atlanta native T.R.3 reveals the raw and visceral new video for “All of Me,” a track that exemplifies the emptiness you feel when you give everything but get absolutely nothing in return.


There’s an immediately immersive feeling to the visuals of “All of Me,” which were directed by BenjiDidIt. The camera swirls around T.R.3 as he delivers his pain-filled vocals and saunters through a clearing by his lonesome. It complements the same loneliness you can hear in the artist’s voice as he chronicles what it really feels like to go all in without any reciprocation.


The track itself stems from Together Alone, T.R.3’s first studio EP that’s due out very soon and produced entirely by West Coast legend Ariano. While this may be T.R.3’s “proper” debut, he has released numerous projects on his own over the past few years like his viral hit, “Statistics.” But there’s a new level of clarity and ambition with Together Alone that makes its upcoming release extra special.


Check out the visuals and stay tuned for the release of Together Alone due out this Friday, May 24th through all major digital retailers and streaming platforms  Popular Nobody.