T-Pain Throws the Ultimate Canine Rager in ‘It’s My Dog Birthday’ Premiere


The bond humans develop with their dogs at home is just irreplaceable. As the proud owner of a pair of French bulldogs, T-Pain feels that very same way. In honor of his two pups and dogs around the world, Nappy Boy celebrates the human-canine relationship with his brand new "It's My Dog Birthday" video, which premieres with Billboard on Monday (May 13).  

"When I first wrote 'It's My Dog Birthday,' it was really about a homie of mine, but then my team and I thought why not put a spin on it and go literal," the Florida native explains of the track's origin. "We started bouncing around ideas for what we could do with actual dogs and BarkBox was naturally a perfect fit."

The fun clip finds T-Pain pampering a select group of dogs with an amazing day that includes everything they could ever want. Whether that's playing in a ball pit, crushing endless cupcake treats, or running around the green grass in his yard, this is what dog heaven should really look like. 

"I have two French bulldogs myself and I’m already subscribed to BarkBox so I can definitely appreciate what they do and thought it would be dope to team up with them and do something creative around the song," T-Pain concludes of working alongside the dog subscription service for the visual. 

Watch the "It's My Dog Birthday" below.