T-Pain Threatens His Wife In Weird Instagram Love Letter


Love is the first ingredient required in a healthy marriage. The foundation from which a lasting partnership can be built upon. However, it is possible to have too much love, and T-Pain displayed a perfect example that today.

T-Pain and his wife, Amber Najm, have been married for 15 years already, which in rap time is approximately a millennium, so clearly they love each other very much. Najm posted a picture the two them sitting on a couch together under the words “i love you so much.” T-Pain thought the occasion was special enough to warrant writing a lengthy love letter in the comments.

It starts innocently enough, with T-Pain saying that, “I love you so much baby. I see ppl hatin on us so much and I bet they’ve never experienced love nowhere near the levels you give me.” However, the sentiment turns sour very quickly after that. Later on in the post, he writes, “If I catch you with another nigga I’m gonna kill both y’all with a deadly weapon for sure but I’ll leave you for last because I’m a fuckin gentleman. That’s how much I love you lady.”

T-Pain is a known joker, so it’s possible he thought that people would take the comment lightly. This was not the case however, as many the comments following it call him out for making light domestic abuse, a traumatic and dangerous situation that women everywhere experience in relationships. 

T-Pain has yet to acknowledge the post since he posted it. See the post with the fending comment below: