T-Pain Says Usher Lied About Them Patching Things Up Over Hurtful Auto-Tune Comments


T-Pain caught a lot of slack for the heavy use of Auto-Tune in his music in the mid-2000s. He admitted that Usher told him he ruined music by using Auto-Tune and the Florida native said he went through a severe battle with depression after that revelation.

During his conversation with Billboard in August, Usher claimed he and T-Pain have “spoken since and we’re good.” But it looks like that’s far from the truth. T-Pain recently visited The Angie Martinez Show and revealed Usher never had a conversation with him to patch anything up.

“I texted him and I was like, ‘Yo, I know you saw what happened. I know you saw the interview.’ ‘Cause I told his A&R about the interview years ago because he was asking me to work with Usher,” T-Pain said. “So I hit Usher after the interview came out and I’m like, ‘I’m sure you saw what happened. That was the truth, that’s what happened, you definitely said that.’ I remember that whole day.”

He added, “Then all he texted me back was, ‘Let’s not text, let’s talk.’ And I was like, ‘Cool, hit me up.’ And I never heard from him, he never called me. I feel like I initiated the contact.”

Angie Martinez reminded T-Pain that both artists have busy schedules and Usher may have thought they would fix things before the interview aired. T-Pain recognized that could be the case and that Usher probably isn’t paying attention to any of this with everything he has going on with his Vegas residency and more.

This whole issue started when T-Pain spoke about his conversation with Usher on an episode of Netflix’s This Is Pop docuseries in June. T-Pain was on a plane when a flight attendant told him the Confessions singer wanted to speak to him.

“Usher was my friend,” T-Pain said in the clip. “I really respect Usher. And he said, ‘I’m gonna tell you something, man. You kinda fucked up music.’ That is the very moment, and I don’t even think I realized this for a long time, but that’s the very moment that started a four-year depression for me.”