T-Pain Just Gifted the Internet ‘T-Wayne,’ His Long-Lost Lil Wayne Collab Project


I truly never thought I’d be typing these words, but after nearly a decade anticipation—for me anyway, some people don’t forget—T-Pain has finally liberated his long-hinted-at collaborative mixtape with Lil Wayne, T-Wayne.

I’m not usually the type to say, “I told you so,” but I'd like to point out that I just recently made the assertion that now is the perfect time for a T-Pain comeback. And what better way for Teddy P to reintroduce himself to a new generation listeners than with eight tracks alongside one the few veteran rappers that still holds sway over a generation millennials?

Back in 2008, during the height both Pain and Wayne’s creative output, the prospect there being enough unheard collaborations between the two to create a project was an incredibly exciting prospect, and after nearly a decade, the hunger hasn't actually dissipated much—if at all.

When T-Pain teased the project yesterday (May 17), his tweet received a resounding, “fuck yes” from the multitude Twitter users that still fondly remember the days when Weezy and Pain dominated the airwaves with their Auto-Tuned greatness.

After a quick first listen, much this project is comprised tracks from around the time Pain first teased the project in 2008, which is absolutely perfect for those us who miss the old Weezy. T-Pain on the other hand has sounded as fresh as ever on nearly every track he’s released since he passed the torch to a new wave Auto-Tuned artists years ago, and the combination the two is as vibe- and dance-worthy as it was a decade ago.

With Wayne’s Tha Carter V still behind Birdman-controlled bars, T-Wayne is a perfect holdover for starving Weezy fans, a fantastic reminder T-Pain’s pop-leaning genius for those us that were listening a decade ago, and a perfect introduction to these youngsters who think Future invented auto-crooning.

Today is a great day. Long live T-Wayne.