T-Pain Fires Back At Pocket-Watching Fans Following Rolls-Royce Saga


T-Pain had social media buzzing last week when he shared footage of his Rolls-Royce Ghost getting repossessed and then later purchased a Rolls-Royce Cullinan. Fans had a lot to say about his car swap and it seems like the rappa-ternt-sanga is annoyed with it all.

On Wednesday (November 17), Tallahassee Pain took to his Twitter account to question all the people that had something to say about his finances. According to Pain, he wants to know why people are so opinionated about how he handles his money.

“So let me get this straight,” T-Pain asked. “If I have money, I need to give it away to ppl that don’t have money. But if I DONT have money, I should’ve done a better job at keeping my money? Honest question tho. I’m not being a dick I just see this pattern a lot. What’s the thought process?”

He continued, “It ain’t enough characters but it’s like: ‘TPain’s car gets repoed’: n-gga you broke again?! Why don’t you just save your money and stop buyin shit you don’t need Then ‘TPain buys a RR’: N-GGA YOU COULDA BUILT A SCHOOL WITH THAT OR GAVE IT TO ME FOR A CAR I WANT!! Like bro….”

T-Pain clarified his statement had “nothing to do with taxes or politics” before admitting the “deliberate ignorance” of internet commenters truly baffles him.

“I’m not ‘complaining’ because internet comments aren’t gonna change my position in life but deliberate ignorance really baffles me in a way that compels me to try and get some kind of understanding of the actual thought process behind some of these takes and comments,” he added.

When the conversation descended into fans speculating over whether T-Pain pays his taxes, he replied, “Hol up!! Do y’all n-ggas think I don’t pay taxes?! wtf. Ok I see the problem. Y’all just don’t know wtf y’all talkin about. Ok got it.”

Even though he doesn’t understand why people are watching his pockets, T-Pain did give shrewd financial advice to fans when his Rolls-Royce Ghost got repo’d earlier this month.

“If you have somebody watching your money, make sure you have somebody watching THEM too,” he wrote on Instagram. “The good news is I’ve been here before and I know how to bounce back so fuck it. Y’all be careful out here man and watch your business like you watch your bitches.”