T.J. Miller's Substance Abuse Problems Exposed By "Silicon Valley" Cast & Creator


Silicon Valley has become a beloved show amongst the internet generation. The show satirized the happenings Silicon Valley, and the events we hear about it through our news feeds. Recently, the series is being mentioned most when the media covers T.J. Miller. Miller is currently facing sexual assault allegations; to which he and his wife denied. To make matters worse, the cast and creator the TV series said working with him came with challenges during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

While at times he was controlled, other times, he arrived on set under the influence, says the Silicon Valley team. Creator, Mike Judge also shared that when Miller overslept or was late, entire schedules would have to be “rejiggered” to stay efficient. Miller responded to the allegations stating, “In real life, I’m not always high like his character the show] Erlich is.” He followed the statement declaring he doesn’t show up to work under the influence.

Instead, T.J. blames his behavior on his hectic schedule. “So, the thing I have a problem with? It’s pushing myself to do too much” the actor suggests. He claims performing his stand-up routines late at night can affect his work. After all the trouble, Miller left Silicon Valley after season 4 when he wasn’t promised a full-time role for the final season.