T.I. To Help With Diversity Training At Houston's Restaurant


A few days a go, T.I. lifted his boycott on Houston’s Restaurant. The initial boycott stemmed from accusations that the restaurant wasn’t seating Black patrons. Of course, T.I., who’s a very active member in his community, didn’t take it lightly and sparked a boycott within his city. The boycott started in October and on Friday, he announced that he’s had meetings with several executives to discuss the alleged racist incidents. Now, it looks like Houston’s is calling on T.I. to help them with diversity training at their restaurant.

Speaking with TMZ, T.I. revealed that he’ll be helping Houston’s Restaurant’s staff with diversity training going forward. He explained that the corporation initially reached out to him and they were more than willing to listen and help find a solution.

“They actually invested in some diversity training for their upper staff, their executive staff.” He said, “Which they suggested that I remain a part just to make sure the diversity training can meet the needs the community.”

He elaborated further on the situation and how they’re going to help. He explained that diversity is important but understanding each others culture can go a long way.

“We all livin’ in this world together, man. Everybody from different walks life, we have different cultures. We have to respect the differences one another’s culture and we have to learn the differences one another’s culture to respect ’em. And that’s where I think the diversity training comes in at. Because you can’t really respect a culture you don’t know or understand.” He said.

Watch the full video below.