T.I. Shares Special Birthday Shout Out To His Leading Lady


T.I. is known to be a family man and the love he has for his children, family and even his community does not go unnoticed. This past Valentine’s Day T.I. shared the cutest video to his Instagram he and his “lillest” love, daughter Heiress, as she chilled with her dad and vowed to not say “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

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In one his latest posts, T.I. shares love for his leading lady that’s not his wife, Tiny. The “Whatever You Like” rapper posts a touching shout out to his mother Violeta Morgan – who honestly looks like she could be his sister. The caption details some the struggles he and Violeta went through before his success. 

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“We been in the trenches eating beans,hot dogs,&noodles together,busting down welfare checks,food stamps & heating up wash up water in the microwave dreaming a better life,” he writes, explaining one memory that made him promise his mom that he would make things better. “I was gon make sure we was straight (not having a clue how at the time)… But I meant that!!!! Thanx for always believing in me even when all the evidence showed otherwise.” Read the full post below.