T.I. Seems To Believe That Meek Mill Will Be Freed From Prison Soon


Meek Mill’s incarceration has inspired a lot support from fans, other rappers, and even some very high level people in Philadelphia, such as 76ers owner Michael Rubin as well as Philadelphia’s mayor Jim Kenney.

However, Meek Mill’s time in prison may reportedly be coming to an end soon, if Atlanta rapper T.I. is to be believed.

T.I. made a post on Instagram this morning, with a picture stating that Meek Mill would be released on Monday following his court hearing. T.I. reposted the photo with the caption, “And I mean HURRRRRUP!!! #FreeMeek”

The post generated equal parts praise and confusion, as fans were happy that Meek would finally get his freedom, but perplexed at whether or not it was too good to be true. The source the original post came from another Instagram account that goes by the handle @imjohnvee. What source he had to make this claim isn’t mentioned, but it was enough for T.I. to believe it.

While the reported claims Meek’s inevitable freedom should be taken with a heavy dosage salt, there could be some truth to what he’s saying. Philadelphia’s Fox29 news network had previously reported back in February that Meek has a court date set for this upcoming Monday, April 16th. 

It was previously reported that Meek would be allowed to take his case to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, and out the hands Judge Genece Brinkley. While Meek’s freedom is far from confirmed, Monday’s hearing should hopefully deliver his fans the news they’ve been waiting for.