T.I. Says Candace Owens & POC’s Who Support Trump Are "A Bit Self-Serving"


Over the weekend, Diddy held a REVOLT Summit Panel which produced the viral clip of T.I. and Candace Owens debating — and Killer Mikeshutting them down. Now, Candace Owens is an avid Trump supporter who campaigned the “Blexit” movement. T.I. stands on the opposite end of the spectrum, politically, so inevitably, they clashed. People might think that they dislike each other but that’s not entirely true. 

In a recent interview with Big Boy, T.I. discussed the highly viral video from the REVOLT Summit Panel. The rapper, who recently launched his own podcast Expeditiously, explained that he doesn’t have any harsh feelings towards Owens, nor does he think she’s stupid. In fact, he went on to say that he supports her “brilliance” but not the way she’s deciding to use it. “First off, let me start off by saying she’s a sister and I support her brilliance. I understand that she’s a sister that happens to be using her brilliance adversely,” he said.

T.I. Says Candace Owens & POC's Who Support Trump Are "A Bit Self-Serving"
Moses Robinson/Getty Images

T.I. clarified that he had several conversations with her in the past but regardless, he finds her rhetoric dangerous. That led to the rapper being asked about POCs in general who support Trump.

“I think it’s a bit self-serving. I think they see what they can gain from the administration — don’t get me wrong, if you make a little money, there are some perks,” he said. “At the same time, I’m not going to pretend that, you know, this shit is right ’cause I know it isn’t. And if I ever had a decision to make where ‘You can keep these perks if these people stay in office’ or ‘you may lose the perks but you’ll have better representation for the greater good of all.’ Then I’mma go with the fair representation.

Peep the full interview below.