T.I. On Lil Xan: "Not Aware Of How Much Work Went Into Making It Where Pac Made It"


Lil Xan has been on the receiving end a lot backlash following his comments on Tupac’s clout level during an interview. He has had to ramp up his security and has been the world’s proverbial punching bag for the last few weeks. The saga continues as T.I, who initially agreed with Waka Flocka’s idea to ban him altogether from hip-hop, has more to say about Xan and the younger generation rappers. In a sit-down with MTV News to promote the Rapture mini-series, T.I. had further comments aimed at Lil Xan and his contemporaries that believe dissing influential rappers the past will build their clout.

“The younger generation wants to be respected,” started T.I. before continuing, “They feel that that respect comes from the disrespect the former generation.” These comments are in response to not only Lil Xan but to all rappers who have gone on record bashing Tupac or Biggie for their own moment shine. Tip says that the topics he raps about are all things he has had to live through, earning him the right to speak about his predecessors. The rapper says that, right now, people that have not gone through the necessary steps to be able to craft an opinion on Pac and Biggie are critiquing their work without having walked their path.

T.I. name-drops Lil Xan in particular, saying that he has not taken the time to work out exactly how much has gone into making it where Pac and B.I.G. made it. Watch the full video below to hear T.I. discuss gun violence as well as the upcoming Rapture series with Sacha Jenkins.