T.I. Lifts Houston's Boycott In Alleged Case Of Racial Profiling


In a story dating back to last year, Debra Antney and Momma Dee  “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” fame, were denied access to a restaurant just outside Atlanta. This event led to a protest, a cause taken up by T.I. and his social circles; the ficial verdict being that “African Americans would now speak with their wallets.”

T.I. has since forsaken his word, after going to the negotiation table with Houston’s Restaurant, Atlanta. The management team assured T.I. that an instituted dress code will no longer play a role in head manning tables. Their company’s stance prior to implementation stressed a zero tolerance on racial priling but that begs the question policy being put into practice. 

Regardless the fact, the restaurant chain seems to be in no fighting mood, and has since made arrangements with Debra Antney and Momma Dee. T.I. continues to make a meaningful difference in the lives others.