T.I., "Freeway" Rick Ross & More Discuss Snitching On "ExpediTIously" Podcast


The ExpediTIously podcast is in full swing as T.I. has taken the title of Kodak Black‘s diss track and turned it into a roundtable discussion of sorts. Prior to Kodak being entangled in a set of legal woes that landed him in prison, the rapper said some not-so-favorable words about T.I.’s wife Tiny. For months fans awaited T.I.’s response, anticipating that the veteran rapper would come out swinging lyrically with a follow-up diss track of his own.

Instead, T.I. opted to move in silence, and while some made claims that Kodak came out on top of their brief beef, other’s crowned T.I. the champion for creating his own platform out of something that was meant to degrade him. In his latest episode of ExpediTIously, T.I. and a few “real ones,” as he calls them, talk about what the true definition of a jailhouse rat is supposed to be.

Former drug kingpin “FreewayRick Ross was at the table as the group shared their experiences and cracked jokes about how someone is supposed to take responsibility for their less-than-legal actions. In the caption of the clip T.I. wrote, “Ya See,I know how it feels to be tagged as some sh*t that goes all the way against all my morals & principles,but… Great thing for me,I’ve never gave a F*CK about lies more than the TRUTH (on Precious). 

The rapper continued, “AND… btw IF ANYBODY EVER WANNA THROW A PAPERWORK PARTY BET MONEY I’LL BE IN THAT B*TCH!!!! (Showed mine on the yard and I still have it on me!!! #FYI😉 So all that Cap ain’t bout nothing….).” Check it out below.

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