SZA, The Weeknd & Travis Scott Unite For Epic ‘Power Is Power’ From ‘Game Of Thrones’ Compilation Album


When Game of Thrones announced the track list to their For The Throne soundtrack earlier in the week, fans' eyes were immediately glued to the rumored collaboration featuring the titanic trio of The Weeknd, SZA, and Travis Scott. The wait is over, as "Power Is Power" released on Thursday (April 18). 

As pointed out by GoT enthusiasts online, the track's title could be inspired by a season 2 scene featuring a conversation between Little Finger and Cersei, where she responds to his claims that knowledge is power with, "Power is power."

Being a huge fan of the show, The Weeknd implements popular GoT themes throughout his verse. "The knife in my heart couldn't slow me down/ 'Cause power is power, the fire never goes out/ I rise from my scars, nothing hurts me now/ 'Cause power is power/ Now watch me burn it down," he rhymes with a slight homage to Jon Snow.

SZA serves as the queen of the track, but would her rule be more cutthroat and fear-driven like Cersei's, or for the good of the people and fair like Daenerys Targaryen? "I went down for the coldest one/ And I know I'll win 'cause I played before, yeah/ I don't know with whatever you say/ I don't know if we need it your way/ You wouldn't take my place/ Put me away, I die lookin' up at your face," the TDE artist sings.

La Flame brings "Power Is Power" across the finish line with his signature icy auto-tuned coo. "Who's out here? Been a monster with a crown/ Soul-swapper, high water, keep your head up, you might drown/ Hit it, swirl, it's way colder, by the day, we count it down/ Been and found, just been waitin' up, she gon' come around," Scott raps.

Listen to "Power Is Power" below. The rest of the For The Throne project will be released Columbia Records on April 26.