SZA Receives Praise For Quietly Helping Ill Fan Get New Kidney


Social media is often used to spew hate, criticism, and unwarranted judgment. In an effort to switch narratives, businesswoman Arlene Dickinson posed a question to her 357K followers on Twitter that quickly went viral: “Whats the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you?” There were thousands of responses, but one woman’s story warmed the hearts of many.

Leah Javon shared that Grammy-nominated singer SZA has gone above and beyond for her as she battles Lupus, Sickle Cell, and Crohn’s Disease. Leah replied to Dickinson by writing, “SZA gave me her #, got me into two concerts of hers free & on tour bus, sent me & my wife to Universal Studios before I started chemo, helped me pay for chemo, donated $ (which will remain undisclosed), shared my fundraiser several times, & helped find me a kidney😭😭😭🦋.”

Back in December 2017, Leah tweeted a message out to the world, hoping to sell off some of her hand-crafted items to help pay for her treatments. “A RT can save my life. I’m 23, I have Lupus & Crohn’s disease,” Leah said. “I’m going through IV infusion treatments that involve a chemo. I’m on oxygen. I work from home & I’m in online school. I make items to pay for medical expenses, plz buy or donate to help.” SZA, who had already been introduced to Leah, retweeted the message, pleading with her fans to get tested to help Leah find a kidney. Evidently, it worked, and while Leah continues to struggle with the pain brought on by her diseases, she’s eternally grateful for all SZA has done.