SZA In Disbelief Over Meeting Michael Jordan


Few athletes are as ubiquitous as Michael Jordan. Even those unfamiliar with basketball know his name, and more importantly, his reputation. Simply put, the man casts a large shadow, and coming face to face with MJ would be an accomplishment in and itself. Case in point, the second a Jumpman encounter goes down, it’ll surely be posted on Instagram mere moments later. Such is life for the lovely and talented SZA, who has recently been forging her own path to superstardom.


The TDE singer, still reeling from the fallout her stellar debut CTRL, recently hit IG with a new photo detailing an encounter with Michael Jordan. Despite the fact that he and SZA seem to be staring at different cameras, the legend is all smiles, proudly rocking his own attire; a claim few can boast to do. “HAPPY BIRRFDAY!! can’t believe this is a real photo lol,” writes SZA, expressing disbelief at the situation. That’s how powerful Jordan’s aura is. He makes celebrities starstruck. 

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Back in December, 2 Chainz posed with MJ for a pair photos, including an extra rare Jordan selfie. Clearly, Jordan’s influence on the game is deep-rooted, from the references, to the sneakers, to the representation black excellence. Not to mention the fact that Space Jam is a delightful film. It’s actually MJ’s 55th birthday today, so have a good one Mike!