SZA Goes From Summer Camp to Strip Club in 'Broken Clocks' Video


SZA is back with the latest visual from her critically-acclaimed debut album, CTRL, this one for "Broken Clocks."

Directed by SZA and Dave Free, the clip starts at summer camp, with a girl yelling "wake up" Spike-Lee style in the early morning. From there, Camp CTRL shenanigans ensue—there's a food fight, bonfire marshmallow roast, making out, and people jumping into a lake.

But at the end the video, it turns out to all have been part SZA's dream, because she's actually knocked out on the bathroom floor at a strip club. And the woman who was yelling for everyone to "wake up" at the beginning? Yeah, she's actually SZA's homegirl, telling her to wake up because she unconscious with a bloody nose. SZA comes to, and they all end up outside sitting on the curb, reflecting on their life.

SZA has said before that "Broken Clocks" is actually her favorite on her dense album. Her dad feels the same way, and was captured crying to the track.

Earlier this month, she announced that there's a deluxe edition  CTRL on the way, that will feature at least six additional bonus tracks.