Swizz Beatz Tells Son The Racism He Experiences May Be A Form Of Love


For 25 years, Swizz Beatz has crafted dozens of chart-topping hits that are considered to be hip hop favorites. When he’s not in the studio working with some of the greatest music acts of our time, the married father is enjoying family life as he helps raise five children. Recently, the 41-year-old super-producer visited The Clay Cane Show on SiriusXM Urban View to promote the upcoming EPIX miniseries Godfather of Harlem. Swizz acts as the music producer of the gangster series that stars Forest Whittaker, Giancarlo Esposito, and Vincent D’Onofrio.

While chatting about his latest project, the subject of family came up in the conversation, and Cane asked Swizz how he, in today’s political climate, teaches his children about their history. “We’re very candid with conversations and different things,” Swizz replied. “They come back from school and bring up different words and different things. My son plays soccer and he goes through this thing where they like to use the n-word with him a lot.”

The producer goes on to explain that the kids aren’t white but Mexican children that play soccer with his son who use the racial slur. Instead of being reactionary and angry, Swizz claims he tries to teach his son to move strategically. “I would have had a different outlook, but then I just had to tell him, ‘We can’t move forward with using ignorance with ignorance, right?’ ” he said. “If I go up to his game and step to that person’s dad, that doesn’t turn into the right thing.”

Then, Swizz stated that he told his son that the other children using the n-word is a form of love that isn’t being expressed properly. “So I just simply tell him, ‘Look man, when people call you those names, that just lets you know who they want to be. They just don’t know how to tell you that you did good today.’ I said, ‘Let people call you whatever they want to call you,” he said.” They can’t touch you though, but let people call you whatever they want to call you because that’s just their way of letting you know that they love you. They just can’t express it. Right? And just turn the negativity into your drive and play a harder game.’ When they come in tell them, ‘You liked the way I won that game today. Right? I know you love me. Don’t worry. I’m gonna beat you again next time.'” Listen to Swizz talk about his son’s encounters below and share your thoughts.