Swizz Beatz Teases New Single 'Pistol on My Side' With Lil Wayne: 'Y'all Getting 'A Milli' Wayne'


As Lil Wayne aficionados continue to revel in the just-announced Carter V release date, avid Tunechi stans will be able to get an early musical taste their hero on Friday, courtesy Swizz Beatz.

In an exclusive interview with Billboard, Beatz revealed that his new single "Pistol on My Side" — from his elusive Poison album — will feature his longtime comrade Lil Wayne. "I think y'all getting 'A Milli' Wayne, Mixtape Wayne, and not only on my project, but his project, too, you understand?" says Beatz. "I'm happy to be early, because what he about to come with, I can honestly say he's back. He's just starting once again. Like, Wayne is just starting. A lot people took so much from him to create their selves, right? I just hope that they really recognize where that DNA came from because all it takes is two seconds for a person to really get the identity who they are to really restart the fucking engine."

In 2007, Beatz nabbed Wayne for his smoldering remix "It's Me Bitches." That year, Wayne was an indomitable force, demolishing every feature in sight, including DJ Khaled's "We Takin' Over" and Lloyd's "You." On "It's Me Bitches," Wayne kept that same fiery energy and had listeners entranced with his opening verse, rapping: "You make it so hard when it's all so basic/ Chevy grill looking like a set new braces." For Beatz, he gushed about Wayne's magnetic energy in his single's forthcoming video.

"When you see Wayne in the video, you gonna understand what I'm talking about. There's a certain energy he has," says Beatz. "Wayne is family to me. My kids did parties at his place. We've been on the Ruff Ryder/Cash Money tour and we were the two youngest people. Over 20 something years friendship. Wayne is green, which I means is go-time. When people hear the track, it's gonna be just the intro, even though it's a hell a fucking intro."

On Wednesday night, Swizz Beatz posted the album cover for Poison on his Instagram page. Though the album currently lacks a release date, Beatz appears ready to launch his Wayne-assisted single "Pistol on My Side" at midnight.