Swiftie Who Threw ‘Lover’-Themed Wedding Can’t Believe Taylor Noticed: ‘It Was a Huge Deal’


Erin Seeherman thought of everything when it came to her Lover-themed wedding, which paid homage to the very important part Taylor Swift has played in her love story. But the one thing she never considered was that Swift herself would notice.

"It was a huge deal," Seeherman tells Billboard about Taylor tweeting out a congratulations to the Philadelphia-based therapist and her husband Moshe Berman, after the two recently tied the knot in an event that was Swift-inspired from top-to-bottom.

Seeherman, who, not for nothing, pays homage to Taylor twice in her Twitter handle, says she was driving home from work on Wednesday (Nov. 6) listening to music in her car when the bluetooth signal kept getting interrupted by so many message alerts that she had to set her phone to silent. But then two of her fellow Swiftie friends who were at her wedding called at the same time and she knew something was up.

"I pulled over, because safety first, and that's when I found out," she says. "I was really shocked. I never expected her to notice the efforts we had gone to. All the effort we put into the wedding we would have done regardless of whether we thought she might notice because we — my husband now too identifies as a huge Taylor Swift fan — are such huge fans so we were happy and excited to do this, but never really had that expectation that anything would come of it or that we would get noticed."

Seeherman says she's "incredibly grateful" that Swift takes the time she does to interact with her fans, something she thinks really separates the singer from other artists: "She's so personable, and approachable and seems so kind and generous with her time and attention to the people who love her and support her career."

While Seeherman says Swift has "always" been a silent player in the couple's relationship timeline, the fact that she blessed their blessed event was more than they could have hoped for.

The couple met in September 2016 at the tail end of Swift's tour in support of the 1989 album, when Seeherman was in the midst of preparing her "epic" 1989-themed Halloween costume, which matched Taylor's "Welcome to New York" outfit from that tour.

"I put a lot of time and attention into that and we had just met around that time and he was totally into it," she says of her then-boyfriend's emerging Swift-itude. "He said, 'let's go to the hardward store and I'll make a light-up microphone for you.' He knew what a huge fan I was and he ended up being a huge fan too." 

Berman, who works for the District Attorney's office in Philadelphia, was so on board that he bought a guitar and learned how to play Swift's songs and a year after they began dating he joked that he wanted to propose at one of Taylor's concerts. He didn't know she was going to hold him to that promise, though. "We thought we have to plan the wedding after this, it seems so on-brand for us," she laughs.

They did indeed get engaged on July 13, 2018, at a show during the Reputation Tour, and though their wedding planning began before Swift revealed details about the Lover era, like any good Swifties, they started gleaning hints about the record's aesthetic from Taylor's legendary Easter egss as they put their reception plan together.

Seeherman says the event program matched the Lover album cover, with lyrics on the inside, with an elaborate flower wall to match the designs at recent Swift performances, rainbow-colored flower arrangements to mimic the album's cover theme, a guitar on display and placecards that featured origami paper rings, of course, with paper butterflies attached. 

The bride also wore big, sparkly heart-shaped earrings, and the couple served signature cocktails in Lover-appropriate blue and pink with names such as "False God" and "London Boy," which their guests hoisted as the couple had their first dance to "Lover" and played "many hours" of Taylor tracks from throughout her career during the the prelude, dinner and reception.

For the record, their parents were "100%" on-board with the theme. "This was obviously not my parents' first rodeo with me…they know when I'm passionate about something I go all in and I do my best to create something that is atmospheric, fun and I think they were expecting nothing less than a lot of sparkles and sequins and colors," she says.

Getting a Twitter tap from Taylor is one thing, but what if Seeherman ever met Swift? "There's a lot I would like to thank her for," she says. "She has been a huge inspiration to me in a multitude of ways and her music has been a constant presence throughout many stages of personal growth and life transitions." And, for the record, Erin would love to grab a glass of Pinot or Sauvignon Blanc with TS if she's game.

Check out Seeherman's Halloween costume and wedding pics below.