Swedish Supergroup Amason Unveil Vibrant New Song ‘Hit The Bottom’: Exclusive


Sweden's Amason will release their sophomore album Galaxy I tomorrow (Aug. 16), and they're giving fans a first listen of the track "Hit The Bottom" one day early, exclusively  Billboard.

"Who's gonna hit the bottom first?" Front woman Amanda Bergman croons smoothly over a bed of swirling synths and psychedelic progressions. A children's choir later comes in, adding an angelic sweetness to the vibrant track.

Amason, known for their exquisite harmonies, gained attention with their 2016 cover of The Mamas and the Papas "California Dreamin,'" which soundtracked an H&M Coachella campaign that year. The band's members are also each established in their own right in the Swedish music scene; Bergan has recorded as Hajen, Jaw Lesson and Idiot Wind, while frontman Gustav Ejstes played with the rock band Dungen. Keyboardist Pontus Winnberg is associated with Miike Snow and Avant of producing duo Bloodshy and Avant, and drummer Nils Törnqvist and bassist Petter Winnberg with the group Little Majorette.

"As a member of this band, you get the privilege of being perplexed and surprised quite often by the musical turns taken by the others when you look away," Bergman tells Billboard. "I remember hearing the track for the first time thinking, 'What the hell is this?' Not that I didn't like it, I just felt it was way different from everything we'd done musically before and I was worried I couldn't add anything to it."

She continues, "Then, one dark evening I went down to Pontus's studio, and we started to add some synthesizers for the verses, nothing more than a single note here and there, and somehow it brought the song back to visibility in my brain, so I could sing it." The group then brought kids into the booth to record the chorus.

Ejstes adds, "The song was built around a loop made by sir Greg FitzPatrick, a musical amigo in a former life. The melody and chords reflect great achievements during Sunday afternoons in Stockholm."

The track follows previously-released singles "You Don't Have To Call Me" and "Marry Me Just For Fun." 

Galaxy I is the first installment of a double album, to be released in two parts. The second part is due in spring 2020.

Listen to "Hit The Bottom" below.