Swedish House Mafia Part Ways With Longtime Manager Amy Thomson


Swedish House Mafia’s longtime manager Amy Thomson has split with the EDM hitmakers, just five months after their triumphant return to the stage.  

The separation is an entirely amicable one, judging by an announcement Thomson posted on social media in which she thanked the band, their fans and her own daughter for the history-making ride. 

“I wish them so much joy and happiness and success and I will be watching proudly but the era me with the boys is at an end,” she reflects in an Instagram post. “And what an era it was. We changed the game so many times through everything from brave hearts to sheer blindness. What a ride. But for me life’s changed now. The future belongs to a new set people around them and I wish them luck with all my heart.”

Thomson departs after 14 years guiding the rise and rise the big-stage specialists. All good things come to an end, and Thomson saw the conclusion back in May, when she told the trio her intentions to leave at the end summer 2018.  It was in March when the trio -- Axwell, Ingrosso & Angello -- reunited for Ultra Music Festival in Miami, where they closed out the main stage with a stomping set. They initially disbanded in 2013 with another closing performance at Ultra Miami's main stage, with each bandmate pursuing their own projects (separately, Thomson split with Axwell & Ingrosso in 2015).

Thomson gave a clue to her future plans when, in June, she launched Mind Your Own Business, a five-day intensive series music industry courses and discussions led by a textbook her own making. The journey with Swedish House Mafia, however, has come to an end. Thomson signed f, "We Came. We Raved. I Loved it."

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