Swae Lee's Ex Girlfriend Marliesia Ortiz: Familiarize Yourself


The name Marliesia Ortiz Ortiz has been on many lips these past few days. The Instagram model previously spent time as Swae Lee’s girlfriend, until recently, when their union was disrupted by a usurper sorts. The notorious Blac Chyna allegedly swooped in for some dome redux, and the affair ultimately destroyed the couple’s relationship. Shots were fired over Instagram, and Ortiz put Chyna on blast in a since deleted post: “You love sucking people n—as di–s huh?” The most pointed insult since William Shakespeare’s “villain, i have done thy mother.” Since breaking it f with the Rae Sremmurd star, Ortiz has gone on the attack.

Busting out recent birthday boy Bubba Sparxxx’ “Ms. New Booty,” Ortiz stuffed her ass with approximately sixteen pillows and laid into Blac Chyna. Even the dog didn’t know how to react. It stands to reason that the betrayal continues to be felt, despite the outpouring support and disbelief over Swae’s decision. It stands to reason that Ortiz will have little trouble on the rebound, and her DMs have been no doubt been flooded with many an ambitious slider. 

And while you probably are well familiar with both Swae Lee and Blac Chyna, you might be curious to know a little bit more about Ortiz herself. While her online presence is largely confined to her Instagram page, the model has provided no shortage enlightening photographs. A quick glance seems to indicate that she also enjoys designing custom dresses and singing. Familiarize yourself with Marliesia Ortiz Ortiz through some her most memorable pictures below.