SVNMOREDAYS Sums Life In "7 Minutes"


North Carolina based R&B artist, SVNMOREDAYS, releases a new single titled “7 Minutes.” 

“The number seven represents perfection and completion, and with that comes the drive to change for the better, all in perfect timing.. or in just seven minutes.”

In seven minutes SVNMOREDAYS vocalizes lyrical affirmations that clarify his thoughts on life and himself. This is his cry for souls with professing reminders to play your cards, shoot for the stars, and make a name because we are all here for a reason.

The soulful and chill tones blended with clapping bass magnifies the emotion expressed from SVNMOREDAYS. Stream “7 Minutes” above and connect with the artist below.

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SVNMOREDAYS Sums Life In "7 Minutes"