"Surviving R. Kelly" Episode 1: Aaliyah's Marriage Forgery, & Dangerous Persuasion


The first installment of “Surviving

 “Aaliyah regarded anxious. Scared. Worried and scared. I needed a lot to seize Aaliyah and speak to her. I needed a lot to speak to her. ‘Cause she checked out me, she gave me a seem like she needed me to speak to her,” Demetrius Smith (ex-tour supervisor) shared with Lifetime. “That’s why I really feel like I failed them. Both of them. I knew that it had modified the course of every thing.”

Jovante and Demetrius are among the many 50 “insiders” interviewed for the undertaking; solely two of the 50 “insiders” that consented to talk with Lifetime are literally musicians, the remainder are managers, publicity, and people that work(ed) within the recording biz.