Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano Break Down 4-Track 'Affective' EP: Listen


Fans first got a glimpse into the magical, psychedelic world  Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano's Affective EP a special six-and-a-half minute mini-movie. The narrative short is driven by each the project's four songs. The lyrics tell the tale a man who meets the woman his dreams, only to be tormented by the memory her for days on end. 

It's a strange and surreal trip full bizarre twists and turns, but it's not something all-together un-relatable. It was a real appetizer that left many fans wanting more, especially for the story behind that EP closer "Cfee Shop." Now, fans get to hear the songs and the stories behind them as James and Marciano break down the Affective EP, out now on Armada Music, below.

"5 Minutes Away" Feat. Bakyu
: This track was actually born out a writers camp during Amsterdam Dance Event. The instrumental part came to us quite easily, but it took Bakyu to put it all together. When he hummed the now-infamous line "in the back the Uber," we knew we were on to something. It took that line to put "5 Minutes Away" together into the track it is today.
Ryan: The EP and mini-movie start with this track, where Twan meets the girl his dreams. The lyrics explain that she orders a taxi for the both them to take him home. A promising start!

"Thinking About You" Feat. Blaq Tuxedo
Ryan: At another writers' camp, this time in Los Angeles, we met Blaq Tuxedo. They're a super-creative brother duo. Needless to say, we hit it f. We played them the outline a beat we'd come up with in between studio sessions.
Sunnery: The four us came up with "Thinking About You" as it is now, in which we try to capture the feeling really losing yourself on the dance floor. It breathes that L.A.-nightlife feel, but with a bit a haunting feel.
Ryan: We opened our mainstage show at Tomorrowland with this track. Quite fitting as the track is about a longing — it may be a different kind, but we'd been thinking about that crowd for a year.

"Worst Way" Feat. Seann Bowe
Ryan: Sometimes the bad things are also the best things, right? 
Sunnery: For "Worst Way," we collaborated with Seann Bowe, who has a really versatile voice. He told us to just play him a beat for him to freestyle on. He came up with the lyrics, and just a few hours later, created this catchy but raw track that definitely encapsulates our tribal music vibe.
Ryan: In the story the EP, this track is about someone who can't have what he wants. The girl disappeared on him but he can't take his mind f her. It makes him go crazy.

"Cfee Shop" Feat. Kes Kross
Ryan: Kes is a very talented singer-songwriter. This was actually the first time we had to leave out some vocals, because he just killed it in the vocal booth beyond imagination.
Sunnery: "Cfee Shop" is inspired by the 24/7 diners in the US, with a little added irony the Dutch cfee shops. It's definitely our most-requested track at the moment. Even before we ficially released, we got so many messages about "that cfee-song." It's the last track the Affective EP. In the video, you see Twan feeling hungover and lonely after a night trying to forget the girl his dreams. 
Ryan: We may have played a part in his hungover mood.
Sunnery: Haha! Poor guy. You can see in the video what happens next.