Summer Walker Shares Drake’s DMs & Reveals His Favorite Song On Her Album


The tables have turned and Summer Walker isn’t so sure of how to compose herself. For so long, the rising star has been looking to people like Drake for inspiration with her own music. Working almost exclusively with her boyfriend London On Da Track for her new album Over It, the recording artist is expected to move a good number of units of her latest discography addition. It turns out that a few famous names have been bumping the smooth offering since it was released last week, including Summer’s collaborator Drake. She ended up sharing his direct messages on her page, revealing his favorite song as a result.

Alongside dozens of “mind-blown” emojis, Drake went crazy after hearing “Fun Girl,” feeling a need to hit up the singer directly to congratulate her. He even gave her that much-needed Monday motivation by reminding her that these days, people are inspired by her own musical output. “Just made me write two songs it’s 7:30 am here,” wrote Drake. Summer responded by saying that it’s pretty crazy that she can motivate the largest artist in the entire world, not quite sure of how to continue on with the rest of her day.

Drake may be feeling “Fun Girl” the most but, when it comes to Summer Walker’s favorite song on the album, she’s going with “Body.” Check out the album below.