Summer Walker & London On Da Track Prove Again That They’re Cute As Hell


It must be really special to have a romantic partner who is also your artistic collaborator. Summer Walker and London On Da Track scored this ideal dynamic when finding each other. The two hit it off so well that the Atlanta-bred producer – known best for his spectacular work with Young Thug – is now producing Summer’s entire debut album. Last week, the singer-songwriter finally announced Over It‘s release date, which will be October 4.

Although the record’s lead single, “Playing Games”, chronicles Summer being fed up with her man, based on recent social media activity, it seems Summer and London can’t get enough of each other. London shared a video on Instagram of him cuddled up on the couch with his boo, with the caption, “Shit hit different when you the only one in it.” The couple takes turns playing with each other’s faces in the adorable clip. 

The Interscope songstress is so committed to London that she was even willing to fight on his behalf. When London posting an Instagram photo with Summer the other day, suggesting that he wants to impregnate her, some baby mamas furiously responded in the comments that he should tend to his existing children before producing some more. A screenshot was then shared by one of the baby mamas, showing that Summer had slid in her DMs threatening to square up for slandering her man. If that isn’t love, then I don’t know what is. 

Almost as cute as this relationship is Summer’s new teddy bear face tattoo