Suge Knight Has Officially Sold His Life Rights To Ray J


It was only a matter of time before the story of Suge Knight graced the screen. Straight Outta Compton notwithstanding, as he was a peripherary character with limited screentime. Given that the infamous mogul helped birth one of hip-hop’s longstanding musical dynasties, Suge’s biopic would make for a compelling and interesting cinematic journey. Not to mention, it might serve to provide a little bit of insight into one of the game’s most feared and (occasionally) revered figures. Now, according to a report from TMZ, the time may very well be upon us.

Suge Knight Has Officially Sold His Life Rights To Ray J

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Apparently, the incarcerated Suge has officially sold his life rights to none other than Ray J. A decision spurred by financial foresight, Suge seems to have deemed Ray J the perfect catalyst to deliver his message, an objective party capable of doing his story justice. Citing their longtime friendship and mutual trust, Suge has given Ray J carte blanche to handle any and all dealings regarding to Suge’s life story. And that goes for all mediums, from the big screen to the page.

For now, it would seem a documentary is among the first projects in the works, with rumblings of a 2Pac-related project to follow. All well and good, though it feels like a missed opportunity for an arthouse-inspired Suge Knight biopic. Perhaps that’s yet to come. Are you trying to learn more about Suge Knight’s life story?