Subway Announces New Beyond Meat Meatball Sub


Subway is taking a big step towards plant-based meats. The sandwich chain has just announced a new partnership with Los Angeles-based company Beyond Meat. 

Starting in September, Subway will be debuting the new “Beyond Meatball Marinara sub,” in over six-hundred locations across the US and Canada. The sandwich is a variation on the traditional meatball sub. It will even feature the same sauce and cheese; however, the meat used this time around will be entirely plant-based. With twenty-four grams of protein, it contains the same amount as the original sub as well.

Beyond Meat has been growing more popular by the day. Since going public in May, the companies stock has seen a 550% increase in value. They have also announced partnerships with Dunkin’, Del Taco and TGI Fridays.

Len Van Popering, Subway’s chief brand and innovation officer, recently said in a statement, “Our guests want to feel good about what they eat and they also want to indulge in new flavors. With our new plant-based Beyond Meatball Marinara sub, we are giving them the best of both worlds.”

You can read more about the deal at Beyond Meat’s website. Be on the lookout for the sub because as of now, it is a limited time only release.