Style Icon Jeff Goldblum on His Favorite Fashionable Jazzmen


Long before coming in Hollywood -- as well as longer before getting a social-media fashion hero -- Jeff Goldblum was a teenage pianist at Pittsburgh, enjoying local pubs. Today, he’s got his own jazz combo, The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra, whose debut album comes out Nov. 9. Goldblum calls it a nod to “if jazz was entertaining, social, hot music rather something a bit more esoteric” -- traits that he considers that the artists under embodied within their musical -- and sartorial -- styles.

Thelonious Monk

“I recall when he had been on the cover Time at 1964], around precisely the exact same time I started taking piano classes. I adored ] all of his songs, but also his lovely, virile, sudden, first personal style. I love to wear hats and there, and now I really like his hats. ”-LRB-*****)

Erroll Garner

“-LRB-*********************************************) was from Pittsburgh, and we'd his Erroll Garner Plays Misty when I was growing up. My dad would say, ‘-LRB-************************************) to the way this man plays: how courageous it's if he takes long pauses, also utilizes such octaves. ’ He loved him. I’t since come to love him more myself. ”-LRB-*****)

Bill Evans

“I’m a glasses wearer, and he had been a glasses wearer. Especially throughout his 1950s interval, that kind frame he wore is my own heart’s want. I’m sporting a pair that remember that age from Jacques Marie Mage right now which I especially like. But I’theres a little fetishist. ”-LRB-*****)

Miles Davis

“I really like his constant expansion, self-possession and pioneering spirit. Such a great-looking man. I recall these kind loafers he wore -- those Ivy League-y Bass & Co.]  Weejun loafers. I've got a similar set in my closet at the moment. ”-LRB-*****)

This article initially appeared at the Sept. 15 problem Billboard.